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Name: Alex

Country: Norway

Role: Production manager

Projects: All of them.. literally

Mail: Alex@fullscreen.no

Name: Adrian

Country: Norway

Role: Graphics & moral support

Projects: Badger the game franchise, Jump It! and Trøndelag – Nordkapp minute to minute

Name: Emma

Country: Denmark

Role: Server & Website geek

Projects: Fullscreen Web and Fullscreen Studios Radio

Mail: Emma@fullscreen.no

Name: Sara

Country: Sweden

Role: Graphics & Translation

Projects: Badger’s World, Fullscreen Studios Radio

Mail: Sara@fullscreen.no

Name: Stina

Country: Sweden

Role: Story & graphics

Projects: Badger’s World

Mail: Stina@fullscreen.no



Want to join the team?

Unfortunately we do not offer paid positions. Fullscreen is registered as a sole proprietorship.

However if you do want to still join the team as a contributor, please contact us!

We need everything from translators, designers and coders. You can choose what projects you want to work on, and you can work on the project whenever you have free-time.

Join us