Fullscreen | Fullscreen Media & Fullscreen Radio = End of life
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Fullscreen Media & Fullscreen Radio = End of life

Emma, front-end & back-end developer

Hi guys!

Me and Alex decided to remove Fullscreen Media and Fullscreen Radio. Everything with that name will be removed.

…And they will be reintroduced as a part of Fullscreen Studios.

Before Fullscreen Studios was a own studio for game making, and Fullscreen Media and Fullscreen Radio was two other small studios.

To make things easier we will add them to one big studio.

But Emma, how can you tell what is what now?
New logos! Fullscreen Studios for any media related stuff will be posted with the following logo


And the Fullscreen Studios for radio related stuff will look like this


Keep in mind that the logos might be changed: They are work in progress sketches.

And thats it! Oh and yeah, Fullscreen Radio is coming back baby!

Goodnight <3