Fullscreen | Logo redesign
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Logo redesign

Emma, front-end & back-end developer

Hi guys!

Me and Alex decided that the logo for Fullscreen and Fullscreen Studios had to be redesigned. Logo was blurry on our new website, and the logo was made back in 2012. The source file is nowhere to be found. We also could not figure out what fonts was used in the logos.

However I do have experience in Adobe Illustrator. I was able to do a complete redesign and made the logo vector by hand, no “automatic” vector tools was used. (They are crap anyway)


While I was redesigning the logos Alex was busy integrating SVG support into wordpress. It’s 2018 and they have yet to support SVG out of the box!?


After all, I think it turned out great. We have tested the website in multiple resolutions and mobile.

Feel free to give us any feedback if you see any glitches. glitch@fullscreen.no


Fullscreen logo in SVG format


Fullscreen Studios in SVG format (The O was a pain in the butt!)