Fullscreen | Azure SSO activated on all platforms
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Azure SSO activated on all platforms

Emma, front-end & back-end developer

Hi guys!

For the last 3 days I’ve worked on integrating Azure SSO on all platforms we have that contributors have access to. (I also made a mistake that made the server go down for 1 day.. Sorry Alex <3)

I have pushed out 5 Azure new accounts with temporary passwords, and I’ve disabled the old ones.

Login using username@fullscreen.no and your tempoary password.

You will also need to activate 2 step verification with Microsoft before you are allowed access on the platforms. (I recommend you to use sms)

I will post an wiki soon explaining how to use correct signature if you have access to a mailbox with @fullscreen.no, and also how to set up 2 step verification.

Have a nice day!