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Photography & Model work

Fullscreen Studios have recently invested in photoshoot equipment to face the demand from new clients.

If you are interested in hiring us, feel free to read more about what we do!

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Creative minds from Scandinavia

Fullscreen has in total 5 active contributors from Norway, Sweden and Denmark that produces ad-free games and applications for you to enjoy.

Meet the team

Newest releases by Fullscreen Studios

Fullscreen Studios is the publisher under the Fullscreen name.

Every game released is with the help of our great contributors from all over the Scandinavia.

Our goal is to keep every game fun & ad-free, therefore the making of a game can take up to many months.

Since we all are very busy in real life, we have very little time to develop new games. We focus on developing new games rather than maintaining older games.

In total all of our games is currently rocking 472  downloads on Google play. 


Run as far as you can in this exciting endless platform runner!
The world is filled with achievements for the achievement hunter, and funny easter eggs for the easter egg hunter.
Think outside the box and you will see that the game is more than a running game!

Challenge your friends to see if they can beat your highscore!

Please note:
The game is released in an early access state to get important feedback from you, the player.
We are working on getting new updates with fun and exciting new game mechanics out daily!


Jump It! is a fun adventure where you play as a frog that doesn’t know how to swim.
Your goal is to get as many points as you can before you fall in the water! the frog doesn’t know how to swim so that’s why he has to stay on the lily pads to stay alive.

You get points by jumping from lilly pad to lilly pad, or you can collect coins to earn extra points.

Challenge your friends to see if they can beat your highscore! The game has a pixel based design, which give it its unique feeling.

Currently rocking 43 downloads on Google play.

Badger The Game (Or better known as Grævling The Game in Norwegian-English) was released to the pc platform only. The game was made in Flash and you had to collect fruits without getting hit. Unfortunately the game files is no longer to be found.

Badger The Game 2 was the game Badger The Game 1 never was.
The goal was to collect Norwegian Urge (Better known as Surge in USA, soda made by Coca Cola) and to avoid cheeze doodles.

Currently rocking 429 downloads on Google play. Unfortunately the game crashes on newer devices.


Trøndelag - Nordkapp timelapse preview

Newest release from Fullscreen Studios

This is just a preview from the trip me and my friend made last summer. We drove from Trøndelag to Nordkapp (1720 km / 1068 miles) and back. (3440 km / 2137 miles in total!)

We recorded it all with a gopro on top of the car.

The final version will be a minute to minute “slow tv” release. (Around 50 hours of driving with calming music.)

Drive with us

Fullscreen Studios radio station

Our radio station is back with even more of the newest hits!

Playing 24/7 with no ads just for you. Make sure to tune in!

Count me in!

Want to join the team?

We need everything from translators, models, designers and coders. You can choose what projects you want to work on, and you can work on the project whenever you have free-time.

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